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Photo of a woman covering her face with illustrations of many chaotic thoughts drawn around her head.

G-PACT receives many calls and emails on just this very topic.

When that happens, the caller or sender is frantic with this diagnosis and their doctors may not be well informed.  Sadly, this is true more times than not.

Photo of various foods with a chalkboard in the center reading Low FODMAP

By: Carolanne Monteleone

First off, I need to preface this with a reminder that what may work for one person with gastroparesis may not work for another. This is simply a general rule of thumb and helpful tool to aid you in balancing food and delayed gastric emptying. 
To start off with the basics, here a few scientific facts about how digestion can be slowed down further with what you eat: 

Picture of four small pots of vanilla pudding

Each Wednesday of Awareness Month, we’ll be sharing a Gastroparesis friendly recipe on our social media pages. Make sure to keep an eye out each week for a new recipe! First up, Vanilla Pudding!

Photos of externs Eva and Evan Leigh

Have you noticed G-PACT has a new look? Our team had some pretty awesome externs during the spring who helped with awareness month, and more. We’ll be introducing the amazing team each week during Awareness Month. Today, we introduce some of the extern team, beginning with Eva. 

Image of Hope the Panda standing below August Awareness Month 2020 Banner. Hope the Panda is wearing a superhero cape.

Happy Awareness Month! If you don’t already know, August is Gastroparesis Awareness Month! Each year, G-PACT posts all month long sharing stories, information, fundraisers and more! Our goal is to bring more awareness to Gastroparesis and highlight patients from our awesome community.

Photo of G-PACT Founder Carissa Haston.

For our final Meet the Team post, we have our founder, Carissa Haston.

– What is your current role with G-PACT? President and Director of Creative Productions

Photo of G-PACT Founder Carissa Haston.

To conclude this years awareness month, we share a very special piece written by G-PACT founder, Carissa. It’s an important piece that not only looks back on what’s been accomplished in the last 18 years, but also what is to come.