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Awareness Month Continues….

Photos of externs Eva and Evan Leigh

Have you noticed G-PACT has a new look? Our team had some pretty awesome externs during the spring who helped with awareness month, and more. We’ll be introducing the amazing team each week during Awareness Month. Today, we introduce some of the extern team, beginning with Eva. 

The moment Eva could pick up a pencil, she knew her life would forever be filled with art. Having an Associate’s of Applied Business in Design at the Modern College of Design, studying to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree as well, Eva’s main focus is Branding and Digital Illustration. Being a patient of Gastroparesis for over 10 years, art therapy and her close relationship to her family are what helped her through the hardest of times.

Photo of Eva

(Update 2023. Follow Eva on Instagram.)

Next up on the extern team, is Evan Leigh. 

As far back as Evan Leigh can remember she has been drawing, painting, writing, and taking pictures when she could get her hands on a camera. Wanting to continue to be creative and not wanting to have a regular job where she is doing the same thing over and over again, she chose to become a Graphic Designer, which led her to The Modern College of Design, focusing on Branding, Print Design, and Photography

Photo of Evan Leigh

(Update 2023. Check out Evan Leigh's website.)