PAL Program

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The Patient Awareness Liaison Program (PAL) is a referral program run through G-PACT that pairs volunteers with GP/CIP/CI sufferers who have questions about these illnesses. The PAL program offers support and answers questions for patients and family and offers a personalized and precise support for those who use the service.  This service is available in the United States only.

PAL volunteers are able to answer basic questions about various aspects of gastroparesis/intestinal pseudo-obstruction, tests, procedures, and treatment options. In addition, PAL Volunteers are able to provide information on support groups, motility doctors, requests for printed information on G-PACT, or just offer a listening ear. They may also refer callers to websites or other resources where more information may be obtained regarding particular questions. However, PAL volunteers cannot provide medical advice. Medical advice includes any information directly related to the caller's situation (i.e. whether a treatment will work, medication doses he/she should take, etc.). They also cannot offer any crisis counseling, but will refer callers to the appropriate crisis hotline.

PAL volunteers are NOT counselors, they are simply available to assist people with gastroparesis/intestinal pseudo-obstruction by answering basic questions, offering a listening ear, referring them to appropriate resources to receive information we cannot provide, and providing a way to get answers about their questions quickly and efficiently.

All calls will remain confidential and will not be shared with ANYONE under any circumstances, except calls of a nature in which we are required by law to disclose the information to the appropriate crisis counselor.

All PAL Volunteers will read the following, and the caller must agree and understand the terms before the call can continue:

"I am here to answer questions and offer support. Please understand that I am not allowed to give out medical advice or answer questions asking for medical advice, I am not a medical professional. If you have an immediate concern and feel you need medical attention please go to the nearest emergency room or call your physician. Do you understand that I am not allowed to guide you in any medical decisions or offer medical advice?"

PALs can be reached at 1-888-874-7228, extensions 85 through 89.      |       View PAL Bios and Hours