Many people request information on how to give back to G-PACT in memory of a loved one whom has passed away. This is one of the best ways G-PACT has received donations and it such an honor to use those funds to continue to help others fight. We will be honored to accept donations in memory of a loved one and memorialize them on our website.

If you would like to have funds sent to us in memory of a loved one, please use one of the following options:

  1. Request that donors send a check or money order to:

185-132 Newberry Commons
Etters, PA   17319

2. Direct donations to our PayPal account at

For every memorial donation, please include the following:

-Name of deceased
-Name and address of next of kin (we will send them an acknowledgement of your donation)
-Your name and address (so we can send you a receipt)

Every person who has been memorialized will be listed on our website.  If you provide us with any background information (birth-death dates, cause of death, obituary) we will include a brief memorial statement as well.  

Donations are not required for a deceased patient to be added to our Memorial Wall. Requests to add someone to the Memorial Wall should be emailed to