G-PACT Products


G-PACT has two cookbooks currently available for purchase. Both cookbooks focus on low fat/low fiber recipes. Each recipe has been reviewed by a dietitian and nutritional information is included.


The Gastroparesis Gourmet

was published in 2010 and includes 140 recipes for $15 US and $22 International.




Tender Tummy Cookbook

was published in 2013 and includes 251 recipes for $16 US and $23 International.



Euro Stickers

G-PACT has two Euro Stickers currently available for purchase. Measurements- 4.7" x 3.29" (oval). Material- High Grade White Vinyl made specifically for use on cars. Price- $5.00 USA, $8.00 International (includes shipping). A subtle yet eye catching way to help raise awareness, these Euro Stickers can be placed either on your car's bumper, body or glass with ease. Also great for RVs, motorcycles, Campers, Boats and more! Currently we have this available in two styles (more to be added in the future)- Option #1 4%- To help raise awareness of the estimated 4% of the population affected with Gastroparesis or other forms of Digestive Tract Paralysis. Option #2 DTP- The initials for 'Digestive Tract Paralysis', a term for all of the motility conditions affecting the digestive tract. *apply to a clean surface*

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Euro Magnets

G-PACT has a Euro Magnet available for purchase. Measures- 5" x 4" (oval). Material- 30ml thick outdoor flexible magnet with heavy duty vinyl surface. Price- $6.00 USA, $9.00 International (includes shipping). Like the stickers, this magnet is a subtle yet eye catching way to help raise awareness of DTP (Digestive Trace Paralysis) which will cling securely to any clean metal surface without damaging the finish.

Euro Magnet


Awareness Bands

Awareness Bands
G-PACT provides awareness bands for a cost of $5.00 each.  The bands are lime green with yellow print that says "Rays" Awareness-Discover a Cure – www.g-pact.org and include an image of our sun logo. "Rays" from our sun logo indicates hope for a cure through the "rays"ing of awareness. We offer 4 sizes:  Adult; Small-boned adult/teen; Child; and Toddler.  

Instructions to seller

If you prefer to pay by mail, make your check payable to "G-PACT" and mail it to 185-132 Newberry Commons, Etters, PA 17319. Please allow 3-4 weeks for your items to arrive.


Cafe Press

G-PACT maintains a store at Café Press where you can purchase DTP products like shirts, mugs, and even a teddy bear to support G-PACT and increase awareness of DTP.  Multiple designs are available and new graphics are added regularly.  This store is located at www.cafepress.com/gpact.