Board of Directors

Carissa Haston, President/CEO,, 1-888-URG-PACT x 80

Michael Smith, Vice President,, 1-888-URG-PACT x 82      (888-874-7228)

Amanda Brown, Research Director,

Penny Rorrer, Fundraising Director,, 1-888-URG-PACT x 84

Betsy Silk, Public Relations Director,, 1-888-URG-PACT x 81

Colleen Beener, Operations Director,, 1-888-URG-PACT x 83

Linda Baxter, Special Projects,

Carol Pasinkoff, Distribution Mgr; PAL Program Coordinator,, 1-888-URG-PACT x 85

Jim Sliney, Jr., Newsletter Editor, Researcher, slineyj@g-pact,org

Jim Still, Director of Strategic Relations,