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Giving Opportunities:

G-PACT is a rapidly growing non-profit organization and the only non-profit operating in the US fighting specifically on behalf of those suffering from gastroparesis and intestinal pseudo-obstruction. All of our financial support comes in the form of donations or grants.  We need your help! Please consider donating to our cause so that we may provide a better quality of life, as well as hope for a cure, to all who suffer from these debilitating conditions. All proceeds will be used for one or several of these purposes:

1. Operating expenses (phone service, website, office supplies, printing our publications, etc.).  All officers and directors work on a voluntary basis, so no funds go towards salaries.

2. Increasing awareness. This includes printing of awareness/educational kits, speaking and traveling to conferences and other awareness events, hosting awareness events, and other public relations work.

3. Working closely with researchers to assist them in gaining adequate understanding of the condition and the needs patients encounter. 

4.  Providing a patient support and referral network.  This involves assisting patients with seeking a motility specialist.  This also involves establishing gastroparesis and pseudo-obstruction support groups nationwide, as well as connecting people through the internet in similar situations.   

We appreciate any amount you are able to contribute to our cause. Your donation will provide support for the many people dealing with this devastating condition on a daily basis, and hopefully lead to better treatments and/or a cure. Donations do not have to be monetary, but could include many other things such as supplies and services.

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